Custom Solutions

We provide comprehensive, end-to-end, development and engineering services. Our engineers have over 15 years' experience in designing, implementing and deploying custom solutions for large multi-national companies.

We specialise in all aspects of security and network services (i.e. DNS and Active Directory). We can use existing investments, off-the-shelf software, and open-source software, and implement completely new software if required.

Architecture & Design

Over the years we have witnessed how varied each customer and their processes can be. Our engineers have learned to adapt their approach for each specific customer.

We have worked very closely with security teams, developing a healthy respect for the challenges they face day-to-day. This experience has affected everything we do, and we believe it is important that solutions are secure by design.

Development & Implementation

Our engineers have vast depth and breadth of experience across multiple technology disciplines. From low-level network packet decoders, user interfaces and simple scripts, to full custom email scanning systems, we have delivered a wide range of projects using a wide range of technology.

We employ existing off-the-shelf and open-source software, in addition to developing our own software. We develop with the most common languages, e.g. C/C++, JavaScript, Perl, Python and Ruby, and prefer automation where possible.

Deployment & Engineering

For many projects, following implementation, we will also architect and perform a deployment. This often requires interfacing with other teams in the business, to understand side-effects and to schedule work in-line with business approval and change processes.

We have experience in deploying to various different cloud-based hosting providers and virtualised platforms. We typically produce solution description and design documents, which detail all aspects of a solution and its deployment, including security, redundancy and business process integration.

DevOps, SecOps & Automation

During development of a solution we will seek to automate not just testing but also delivery and ongoing changes. We use HashiCorp, Chef, Jenkins, Artifactory and other similar technologies to deliver and provide ongoing development and support of solutions.

We also support the often-stated idea that security is not just the security team's responsibility. We have embraced this "SecOps" culture change. We believe everyone has a responsibility to effectively secure a business.