Release Notes

dns-logger - 2.2.2


  1. Introduction
  2. Release Files
  3. New Functionality
  4. Enhancements
  5. Resolved Issues
  6. Known Issues


The dns-logger provides a light-weight vendor-agnostic method for organizations to capture detailed DNS query and response activity. It captures both UDP and TCP based DNS messages forwarding them in real-time to one of several configured targets. Messages are formatted using either JSON or Syslog, allowing easy integration with SIEM or Syslog infrastructures. The dns-logger does not rely on third party drivers and does not require users to enable DNS server logging which in many cases affects server performance.

This document contains information pertinent to this release of the NoSpaceships Ltd dns-logger.

This document is aimed at all users of the dns-logger.

NOTE This is the very first public release of the dns-logger, therefore information in this document is limited.

Release Files

The following files make up this release (where <version> is the version of this release):

  • dns-logger-<version>-linux.bin - Installer for Red Hat/CentOS 6 and onwards
  • dns-logger-<version>-windows.exe - Installer for Windows 2008 and onwards

New Functionality

Currently there is no new functionality to mention


Currently there are no notable enhancements to mention

Resolved Issues

Currently there are no resolved issues

Known Issues

Currently there are no known issues