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The dns-logger provides a light-weight vendor-agnostic method for organizations to capture detailed DNS query and response activity. Messages are formatted using either JSON or Syslog, allowing easy integration with SIEM or Syslog infrastructures.


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Capture packets on Windows without the need to install any software or kernel drivers. Use the raw-socket-sniffer to capture packets to a PCAP file which can then be opened in tools such as WireShark.


YARA, from VirusTotal, is a powerful tool that can be used to identify and classify malware. Use yaraka to scan your organizations email in real-time using YARA, without changing your email architecture.

Node.js Packages

We have taken so much from the community over the years, so we decided we would give something back. We maintain the following open source modules.
  • net-ping - Ping and trace route to many hosts at once
  • raw-socket - Raw sockets for Node.js
  • os-service - Run Node.JS programs as native Operating System Services
  • storage-device-info - Obtain information about storage devices
  • yara - YARA support for Node.js