Security intelligence management


We created IntelDB because we felt existing solutions for security intelligence management fell short of what is expected, even the free and open source tools. We found existing solutions to be over-complicated or unstable.

IntelDB tries to be as simple as possible while also trying to address what most security teams need a security intelligence management tool to do. We have created a great base platform on which to organically grow IntelDB. Here are some of the features of IntelDB:

  • Manage millions and millions of indicators, signatures and targets
  • Associate campaigns, sources and references (soon custom fields)
  • Associate a list of configurable TLP and kill chain values
  • Simple, obvious and fast API (the same as what the UI uses)
  • Flexible user and group permission model based on source and campaign
  • Straight forward installation with no dependancies

This is the second publically available version of IntelDB, development for the next release is in progress, which will introduce the following:

  • Real-time object scanning using configured indicators and signatures
  • Full API documentation

Pricing & support

Anyone is free to download and use IntelDB, and email support is free of charge. For support queries simply send an email to the following address:

Organizations looking for a more formal support relationship and a SLA can purchase this for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Queries about support subscriptions should be sent to the following address:


The latest version of IntelDB can be obtained here. Older versions can be obtained on request via email.

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