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Users and administrators are often frustrated with the requirements placed upon them by security. Only once you have worked inside a security team, though, can you really understand the technical challenges with which they are faced.

We work closely with expert security analysts and reverse engineers to truly understand the challenges they face day-to-day. This has allowed us to nurture a high level of respect for the important people whose responsibility it is to keep an organization secure, and the ever evolving difficulties they must overcome.

At NoSpaceships we are proud and passionate to provide solution and software development services to security teams, helping them to enhance their capability and effectiveness.

From simple malware analysis and decode tools to complex content scanning systems, we are happy to help no matter the size. We have a proven record of delivering a variety of solutions of a variety of sizes.

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Custom solutions

We provide a very comprehensive development capability. We can write malware analysers or decoders, customised decompression tools, integrate incident response tools with intelligence or forensics platforms, to name a few. We can also write entire solutions from the ground up, IntelDB is a great example of this.

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The IntelDB is a security intelligence management tool. It is fast, scalable, and free! Use IntelDB to manage millions of indicators, signatures and targets. Soon IntelDB will provide the ability to scan content in real-time using its configured indicators and signatures.

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The Disaster Recover Application Switcher (DRAS) allows service owners and operations staff to quickly move services between different locations using a simple point and click interface.

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Open source

We have taken so much from the community over the years so we decided to give something back. We maintain a number of open source Node.js modules which we publish to the Node Package Manager (npm) repository and make available via GitHub.

Our modules include the following:

All of our Node.js modules are available under the profile of stephen.vickers on npm and stephenwvickers on GitHub:

If you have any ideas or requirements for Node.js modules contact us, we would love to hear about them.

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