Quickly switch services between locations using DNS


The Disaster Recover Application Switcher (DRAS) uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to to control which service instances users are directed to. Switch jobs can be created ahead of time and executed during a change window by non-service owners, to satisfy Disaster Recovery plans, or created ad-hoc to support incidents for example. Here are some features of DRAS:

  • Flexible service and switch job permission model (service owners can delegate service switches to operations staff for example)
  • Switch tens, hundrends, even thousands of services in one go
  • Create an unlimited number of service states/locations
  • Native Infoblox support (using its REST API)
  • Native Dynamic DNS support (supports any DNS server implementing Dynamic DNS)
  • Straight forward installation with no dependancies

Pricing & support

Anyone is free to download and use DRAS, and email support is free of charge. For support queries simply send an email to the following address:


Organizations looking for a more formal support relationship and a SLA can purchase this for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Queries about support subscriptions should be sent to the following address:



The latest version of IntelDB can be obtained here. Older versions can be obtained on request via email.

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