Custom solutions

Our capability

We provide a very comprehensive development capability. We can implement web services, specialized compiled programs and libraries, full products, integrations between existing solutions to name a few.

Here is a small sample of projects we have been asked to undertake:

  • Brute force malware decoding tools with associated Python libraries
  • A scalable, real-time, content scanning platform
  • Specialised DNS sinkhole and honeypot services
  • Daily reports to identify new incidents by correlating data from multiple detection tools cross-referencing with known or previous incidents

Having worked so closely with security teams we have developed a good understanding and respect for the incident response and reverse engineering processes, red and blue team activity, and security terminology and processes in general. Software development requires making lots of mini-decisions, and this knowledge is vital in making a decision that favours security.

Architecture & deployment

For many of our projects, following implementation and delivery, we go on to architect a deployment, and then deliver on this. We will typically produce a deployment plan which will highlight many factors, such as new hosts and any changes required to the network or existing assets.

This often requires interfacing with other teams in the business to understand network and datacenter side-effects, whether new equipment is required, and to schedule work in-line with business approval and change processes.

All aspects of solution deployment are adressed, including operational monitoring and process integration. Perhaps the most important aspect though, is a secure design. Ensuring that compromise of one component doesn't affect the whole solution for example.

We are passionate about creating custom security solutions, contact us for an informal chat about your requirements, we would love to help!

Example 1

In this example, the DNS Activity Archive, the solution consists of Agents collecting DNS information, and a central store where this is archived and searched.

Example 2

In this example, the Disaster Recovery Application Switcher, a custom dashboard was written on request from a number of users.

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